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The method Of gemopunktury is based on the injection of the preparation of the autologous blood in the state of hypo-osmosis into the reflexogenic zones of patient.

General considerations:

The method of gemopunktury is developed by the deserved doctor OF THE USSR the doctor of the medical sciences Of khodanovoy R.N. and is protected by patent № 741877 the "method of treating the allergic diseases", registered in the state list of the inventions RF, 04 December of 1992.

This treatment makes possible the application of medicines, which provides the possibility of treating the patients by medikomentoznoy allergy, and it is effective preventive means for the catarrhal and infectious diseases.

The positive results of treatment are manifested already in the course of conducting the procedures: in patients is improved the general state, sleep, appetite, fitness for work and memory. Is improved the exterior view of the man: skins are smoothed out, they become elastic and even cellulitis gradually disappears.

As a result of treatment by the method of gemopunktury are observed the activation of cellular humoral immunity, an increase in the populations T -, B-lymphocytes, the restoration of the killer function of lymphocytes, the activation of the final phagocytosis, an increase in the content of immunoglobulins into the blood, an improvement in interferon status.

Clinical observations, immunological tests, laboratory investigations of the biochemical indices of the blood convince of that, the action of the method of gemopunktury  Of khodanovoy R.N. is multiplan and effect is achieved by the start of many it is sectional, that regulate homeostasis.

Indications: allergic diseases, second immune insufficiency, the chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, angiopathy and neyropatii of extremities, disease of supporting-motor apparatus.

Application and the dosage:

The preparation of the autologous blood is introduced intracutaneously into the reflexogenic zones daily or with interval of 1 - 2 days. The course of treatment consists of 9 or more than (in the case of severe illnesses) procedures. The repeated course of treatment is conducted in 6 - 8 months. The preventive course of treatment is conducted 1 time per year.


Sharp myocardial infarction, ONMK previously 2- X of months, severe arrhythmias, psychoses, epilepsy.

Side-line actions: they are not revealed.

With the cost of treatment in our center you can it will become acquainted in this division.

Center conducts the instruction of doctors for the purpose of the discovery branches and offices of gemopunktury.

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